Resource Associates Teambuilding

    Resource Associates Teambuilding


The following RI services are also available:

Organizational Needs Assessments and Interventions

    Management may know the changes they want employees to implement, but encouraging employees to accept change and be motivated in positive directions can be challenging. Most employees have resistance to implementing decisions which affect their work and their lives when they do not experience being a part of the decision making process.

    When working with intact teams one-on-one confidential interviews along with anonymous Internet accessed surveys, the resulting needs assessment can generate an overview of employee attitudes and concerns upon which a successful intervention can be based. When employees perceive a new change management system or training scheduled in response to their needs, they have less resistance and more motivation to participate. In addition, specific problems and needs can be directly addressed, consulting and coaching can be provided as needed for executives and employees, all of which increases the perceived sense of relevance and thus motivation. With the data created, results are tracked upon which future decisions can be based. Previous RI clients are willing to talk with you about how our OD efforts helped them and their organizations.

Experience-based trainings and teambuilding

    Presenting information is education. Integrating information so that it changes your thinking, feeling, and behavior is training. RI creates a training environment in which employees address real issues and explore practical alternatives. They actually get work done, i.e. resolving issues and making changes during the training. As a result, participants consistently rate RI trainings 'the best I have ever taken.'

Executive coaching

    Executives need help, too. Most have risen in the ranks without effective education in how to work well with people. 'More work with less people' is now the standard which can lead to increased conflict, tension, and stress. No organization is healthier than the people at the top. Executives need coaching and support as they transition from the industrial age to the information age style of supervision.

Professional Speaking

    Entertaining an audience while educating and inspiring them requires a charisma based on 'walking your talk'. Award winning presenters speak of their own experience in ways that make complex concepts easily understood and immediately applied. Many organizations have benefited from RI presentations. If you are looking for an impactful keynote or breakout that will generate a powerful and positive 'buzz' give us a call at 713-305-1812. You can even "sit in" on a live presentation with Dr. Robert Pennington on the relationship of stress to change, right now, and see for yourself.

Web based Trainings

    Time is of the essence. Having support materials available 24/7 is a powerful resource for facilitating long lasting change. Research indicates that retention from experiencing a presentation is in the low 20-30%. But with repetition, retention can reach 80-90%. Web based trainings provide the accessibility that allows for the required repetition needed to ensure that the investment a company makes is making a real difference. RI has a range of web based trainings available from the lowest common denominator web access of 26K across all platforms to higher end modules that use Microsoft Agents who speak to the user with their own name! You can "test drive" one of our modules at: An introduction to "Successfully Managing the Stress of Change"