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    Resource Associates Teambuilding

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RI consultants have worked together since 1982 in the field of organizational development. Working together with your team, they become an important resource blending psychological insight and practical business know-how to support your organization in dealing more successfully with three fundamental problems:

  1. The stress of unexpected (and often undesirable) change
  2. The inevitable tensions between co-workers and with customers
  3. The challenge leaders face maintaining authority while encouraging collaboration.
New Executive Integration
    Leader assimilation is a planned leadership development intervention. It is used to help leaders accelerate their adaptation into a new organization and new team. It aims to enhance communication between leader and followers for the purpose of accelerating learning, adaptation, and relationship building. Leadership assimilation is a structured learning plan that facilitates communication, shares information, and produces actionable insights.
Executive Coaching
    No organization is healthier than the people at the top. Executives need help to maintain their authority and encourage collaboration at the same time. Many managers are promoted because of their technical proficiency, a skill that is often inversely proportionate to being interpersonally skilled. RI provides individual coaching and team facilitation to assist authorities leaders in reducing the dangerous risk of having employees who disagree without the authority knowing it.
Professional Speaking
    RI's award winning presenters are known for:

    • Impeccable credentials,
    • Insightful ideas that literally change lives,
    • A highly interactive style that produces significant results,
    • Customized and technologically proficient multimedia capabilities
    • A great sense of humor!
    Observant commentators on the humor of being human, RI's speakers awaken a sense of optimism and curiosity about learning life's lessons. Consistently rated, "the best I've ever heard," you can count on RI providing your next conference or meeting a memorable experience!
Team Development That Makes a Difference
    An effective team is one that is able to successfully build trust, have constructive conflict, create clarity about what is expected, share accountability, and produce desired results. Most teams have difficulty being effective in one or more of these team functions. Problems occur when we disagree and are unable to deal with disagreements respectfully. Training alone is insufficient to address lifelong habits of dealing with conflicts ineffectively, or with a history of organizational dysfunction. Significant progress can be made when team members are adequately prepared with a process of evaluation/diagnosis, short technique-focused training programs, and structured team development activities guided by RI's skilled facilitators. During these activities team members work on identified work issues while practicing specific conflict resolution techniques and decision making methods. A sample proposal describing RI's Four Phase Team Development Program is available. You can download a pdf copy by clicking here: Team Development.pdf
Experiential Learning
    Presenting information is education. Integrating information so that it changes thinking, feeling, and behavior is experiential learning. RI creates a learning environment in which employees address real issues and explore practical alternatives. Specific skills and techniques are learned and practiced. They actually get work done on critical organizational issues which has resulted in participants consistently rating RI programs as "the best I have ever taken." When programs are perceived by employees as being based upon their own needs, half the battle in generating the needed motivation for change is more easily achieved.

Organizational and Individual Needs Assessments
    Management may know the changes they want employees to implement, but getting employees to accept these changes and be motivated in positive directions can be very challenging. Most employees have resistance to implementing decisions which affect their work and their lives when they do not feel they are a part of the decision making process.

    Through one-on-one confidential interviews and anonymous Internet accessed surveys, a needs assessment generates an overview of employee attitudes upon which an intervention can successfully be based. When a new change management system, OD intervention or targeted training is scheduled in response to a group's perceived needs, they have less resistance and more motivation to participate. In addition, specific problems and needs can be directly addressed during any training or consultation, increasing relevance and motivation. With the data created, results can be tracked upon which future decisions can be based.

    But don't take our word for it; previous RI clients are willing to talk with you about how our OD efforts have helped them and their organizations.
Web Based Training
    The Internet is the medium of choice for providing fundamental concepts, jargon and models. Information can be disseminated, practiced and reviewed at an optimum use of time and a minimum cost. Such highly accessible training is a powerful preparation or follow-up for 'stand-up' programs where higher order integration, synthesis and application can most effectively occur. RI has extensive experience integrating various learning modalities. Sample online programs are available in our products section. Highly engaging, customized WBTs can be created to meet your organization's needs.