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    Resource Associates Teambuilding

The Concerns Based Adoption Model

We at Resource International are pleased to be working with you in providing quality speaking, training, consulting and coaching. This web page is to explain a foundation concept upon which we do much of our work. It's called The Concerns Based Adoption Model and it says that you have to address the concerns of individuals if you want them to perform their tasks more effectively. Our supervisory training programs assist executives in learning the practical tools and techniques for creating a more effective cooperative work environment.

The Reason For Consultation and Training

    Organizations are undergoing massive change. Many organizations are merging cultures. Few managers and executives have been prepared to effectively lead their organization through these changes. Skilled in technical expertise, their least developed areas are often the psycho/social realms of organizational functioning. Supervisors need to augment their technical proficiency with expert knowledge, viable and appropriate conceptual models, and objective viewpoints which an organizational consultant is trained to provide.

    Individuals and organizations need persistent nudging to continually and effectively move towards their own goals. Training can offer a powerful and efficient method for developing skills and knowledge quickly. But success in the application of these newly learned skills requires consistent effort, encouragement and constant adjustments over time. RI trainers work to keep you and your organization on target. We do more than just training. We coach individual executives to apply the concepts learned while working with your management team to improve the effectiveness of your meetings.

RI's Consultation Model - The Concerns Based Adoption Model

    At Resource International, our consultants follows a conceptual model developed by Educational Psychologist Dr. Frances Fuller at the University of Texas' Research and Development Center for Teacher Education. Called the Concerns Based Adoption Model, CBAM predicts that individuals in any organization which is adopting any new innovation or change go through predictable stages of concern. Whether it be computer software, privatization of a former government agency, new personnel or the inevitable doing more with less, the stages involved in successfully addressing change are the same.

    There are three basic Stages of Concern defined in CBAM: Concern for Self, Concern for Task, and Concern for Impact. Most organizations only address the concerns for Task. CBAM states that the successful accomplishment of an intervention is directly dependant on moving employees through each of these levels of concern.

Concern for Self.

    Everyone worries. Whenever change occurs, we worry how the change will affect us. Am I up to the challenge? Can I learn what I need in order to succeed in the new system? How will it affect me, my job, my future? Will I be able to do what is required?

Concern for Task.

    What am I required to do? What are the steps necessary to succeed? What follows what? What do I have to do and how do I do it? Who else is involved in me successfully accomplishing my task?

Concern for Impact.

    What difference will this change really make? How will it affect how decisions are made? What will I be able to do that I can't do now? Will it be better?

RI Consultation Involves

    Resource International creates partnerships with its clients to accomplish the following:

      • Assist merging organizations.
      • Support for key project personnel.
      • Comprehensive needs assessments.
      • Program and project design.
      • Project management and evaluation.
      • Reduction of employee resistance.
      • Supervisory training & support.
      • Executive coaching.