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The Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth

Resource International selected as our logo a symbol that was placed in stone in the floor of a cathedral south of Paris around 800 years ago.  The Chartres Cathedral in Chartres, France is the quintessential cathedral.  It is to cathedrals as the Great Pyramid is to Pyramids - the best. As with the pyramids, the builders of this cathedral are also unknown.  But they left a language of wisdom in the sculptures and stained glass windows, and in this 30 foot diameter labyrinth.  In RI's training programs we use this symbol to represent certain principles about change:
1) there are lots of twists and turns in life,
2) when you avoid the inevitable changes in life, you run into a wall,
3) sometimes when you feel like you are back at the beginning you are actually half way there and
4) to reach success all you have to do is keep taking the next step in front of you!