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The primary goal of our award winning Successful Work Relationships Training Series for Leaders and Teams, which received the highest evaluations from ExxonMobil every year for 34 years, is to improve performance. Participants receive an integrated set of practical tools and techniqiues for moving quickly and respectfully through conflicts with co-workers and customers to reaching agreements everyone wants to keep.

The following 3.5 minute video excerpt, as well as series of sample program handouts from this training are available for FREE below.

Check out this short video demonstrating on one of our most powerful and memorable insights on how to End Conflict with 3 Questions. If you want to change a person's point of view from theirs to yours, you have to make sure they experience being understood about their point of view - first!

This is the first step in having more positive influence in your relationships - at work and at home.


    • The Martial Art of Communication©: Participants learn practical approaches to reducing conflict that goes beyond the traditional clarifying one's understanding of what is being said, to pulling out of another what isn't being said. Hearing what the person isn't saying is often more critical and challenging. The result is an increased ability to influence in a positive and respectful manner.

    • Three Questions That End Conflict©: Participants come to realize that power flows to the person with the most information. Such a person knows that the majority of disagreements actually result from some misunderstanding. Three categories of disagreement and strategies for creating agreements out of each category are presented.

    • Five Levels of Clear Communication©: These five levels focus on distinguishing 1) the facts from 2) valuable opinions and judgments; 3) recognize and responsibly express emotions; 4) identify meaning and importance, and 5) clarify expectations and requests for action steps. You can download a set of worksheets for the Five Levels and the Six Stages to help you learn how to apply these models when listening to another, especially when in the middle of a disagreement or conflict.

    • Six Stages in Negotiating Supportive Agreements©: Participants will follow a step-by-step process to eliminate misunderstandings, identify common ground when differences exist with other team members on essential work issues before progressing to creating new, more mutually supportive agreements and action steps.

    • Feedback Guidelines in the Workplace: Participants will discuss 14 aspects of what is appropriate and what is inappropriate in relation to giving and receiving feedback in a professional setting.

    • The Three Steps in Giving Constructive Criticism: The Feedback Sandwich Technique©: Giving feedback is only effective if it makes a difference.  Getting the person to want to hear constructive feedback plus offer suggestions for how they could be supported in implementing a behavior change is outlined through a three step process: Appreciate the Person, Challenge the Behavior (using 5 levels described above) and Support the Change.

    • Use principles of the Martial Arts to reduce resistance and gain leverage with co-workers and customers.
    • Apply the Feedback Sandwich model to typical workplace scenarios to give clear, direct, supportive, and constructive critique.
    • Resolve 50-90% of disagreements and misunderstandings.
    • Reduce the resistance of others to your point of view.
    • Commitment to Action: At the end of each module, participants review all techniques, recommendations, and personal discoveries from the class, and individually choose one thing they will practice to build a new habit for creating successful work relationships.

    • Highly interactive
    • Course will be approximately 30% presentation, with activities, exercises, group and dyad discussions.
    • Available support materials include: workbook, CDs, video tape, reminder cards, reminder mug.
    • Facilitator package is available for in-house training with video tape, audio tapes, Facilitator Instruction manual, and Participant manuals.

    • One to three days
    • The course time and content can be customized to fit the client’s needs.

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