This program will transform the quality of the rest of your life. Most stress management seminars teach participants stuff they already know and are not doing! People only end up feeling more guilty and more stressed. In this training participants practice practical, common-sense techniques based on decades of intensive research. They learn how they contribute to their own stresses in the first place, and exactly how they can move through it - faster.

They are taught how to recognize the symptoms of stress, and to turn their habitually automatic stress reactions into the pro-active Stress Management Response©. Physical, emotional, and mental stress are examined. Step by step processes are followed to transform worries into positive action steps, to master emotional reactions, to build a positive habit, and to be clear and calm even in difficult situations.

Resources online include a powerful self scoring instrument, the Coping And Stress Profile©, RI's Pre Seminar Survey on the Stress of Change and a 70 minute audio presentation online by Dr. Pennington that overviews basic concepts that also includes his signature story of being shot in the center of his chest by an unknown assailant armed with a 38 caliber handgun.

  • The Automatic Stress Reaction
  • The Stress Management Response
  • The Balanced Relaxation Technique
  • The Levels of Being: from thoughts to behavior
  • Definitions of stress
  • Managing stress in the body
  • Managing stress in emotions
  • Managing stress in the mind
  • Managing stress in relationships
  • The Emotional Computer Model
  • Building A New Habit process
  • S-T-P model of problem analysis
  • Four (4) square decision making matrix for harmonious living
  • Build a more supportive lifestyle ó Everyday!
  • Recognize your symptoms of stress.
  • Learn three unique definitions of stress.
  • Change the Automatic Stress Reaction into the proactive Stress Management Response.
  • Complete a coping & stress profile to receive feedback about personal, work, couple, and family stresses.
  • Identify how to build four coping skills: problem solving, communication, closeness/teamwork, flexibility.
  • Learn how to use the pauses in everyday life.
  • Understand the benefits of therapeutic massage.
  • Learn and practice the Balanced Relaxation Technique.
  • Learn techniques for sleep preparation.
  • Turn your worries into pro-active action plans.
  • Learn when to change what you can change, accept what you canít, and develop the wisdom to know the difference.
  • Highly interactive
  • Course will be approximately 30% presentation, with activities, exercises, group and dyad discussions.
  • Available support materials include: workbook, audio tapes, video tape, reminder cards, reminder mug.
Contact: Stephen Haslam
Resource International
6119 Bankside
Houston, TX. 77098,
Phone: 713-305-1812
Fax: 713-779-6537