This program develops the 'art of leadership' with skills in three phases. Phase One develops personal power and effectiveness. Phase Two adds motivation and decision making skills to shift management habits from the Industrial Age to the Information Age. Phase Three enlists the creative support of all employees in building a vision for the future, and generate the commitment and loyalty to meet it.

  • The Changing Role of Leadership
  • A leader is only as good as his/her ability to create a work environment in which employees feel safe to express disagreements.
  • The Dimensions of Leadership Profile
  • Managing Stress and Conflict in Leadership/Supervisory Role
  • The Martial Art of Leadership Communication: Being firm and flexible.
  • High Impact Communication Techniques:
       - Five Levels of a Clear Communication
       - Six Stages in Creating Supportive Agreements
       - The Feedback Sandwich.
  • Decision-Making Models
  • Identify outdated work and supervisory habits which keep the organization stuck.
  • Prioritize which goals are most needed to achieve progress in a competitive environment.
  • Through principles of the martial arts, learn to reduce resistance in others to your ideas.
  • Enhance the ability to reduce resistance, gain cooperation, and build a consensus of commitment to organizational goals.
  • Use High Impact Communication Skills to build trust.
  • Turn conflicts into success.
  • Examine the challenges of traditional “top-down” authority decisions versus exploring the benefits of RI’s unique
Consensus Decision-Making Flowchart is a central component of Information Age Leadership.
  • Apply the Decision Making Grid to determine when and how to involve others in a decision.
  • Use The Dimensions of Leadership Profile to strengthen each leader in three ways:
       - Discover what they value in themselves as a leader.
       - Learn what kind of leaders each person prefers to be.
       - Determine the dimensions of leadership most needed to improve.
  • Constructively manage your own emotions, and the emotional reactions of others.
  • Highly interactive
  • Course will be approximately 30% presentation, with activities, exercises, group and dyad discussions.
  • Available support materials include: workbook, audio tapes, video tape, reminder cards, reminder mug.
  • One to three days
  • The course time and content can be customized to fit the client’s needs.
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