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Leadership Development

In addition to New Executive Integration and Executive Coaching, RI has 34 years experience designing and guiding leadership development programs. Here are some key ideas we think about leadership development.

  • The purpose of developing leaders: Develop emotional intelligence in myself as a leader and build accountability for expected results in employees and the organization.

  • Don't reinvent the wheel: Leadership development programs benefit when they are based on leadership models that are founded in empirical research.

  • Customize to fit: Any leadership model should be customized to fit the culture of the organization and the leadership vision established by the executives.

  • Comprehension does not equal competency: Trainings may contribute to comprehension of leadership concepts and techniques, but real competency develops on the job, working together with direct reports, peers, and management.

  • Link to Performance Management: Each individual is responsible for his or her own development as a leader. But since the real competency develops on the job, the person's leadership development should be integrated with expectations and ongoing work with one's supervisor and with coaching and mentoring in the organization.

  • Assessment tools can be useful to provide a benchmark of understanding and to highlight potential strengths and blind spots, but should not be used to judge whether a person is capable of developing as a leader. And the Birkman Profile is the most complete system for providing in-depth feedback for individual and team development.

  • Add Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to IQ, Accountability, and Management Skills: All complete models of leadership development emphasize certain basic management skills and an emphasis on accountability. But as Daniel Goleman states in his Harvard Business Review article, What Makes A Leader, "emotional intelligence is the sine qua non of leadership."

Video Interviews and Testimonials

Jack Canfield, CEO, Author of Chicken
Soup for the Soul
series interviews Rob
on RI's leadership development (8min).
Click here for complete inteview.

4 min Video on Our Approach

Doreen Wise, CEO
Medical Research Consultants
More comments by Doreen Wise.

Doreen Wise, CEO
Medical Research Consultants
More comments by Doreen Wise.

Doreen Wise, CEO
Medical Research Consultants
More comments by Doreen Wise.

If these ideas are aligned with yours, contact us to explore how we may contribute to your vision of developing leaders in your organization.

RI’s special niche

It is dangerous for a manager to work with someone who disagrees with him or her without the manager knowing about it for two reasons:

  1. They could be right! And the manager might not know it until their boss knows, which is too late for the manager.
  2. If they are wrong, and the manager does not know it, then the manager has no opportunity to influence them in the right direction.

RI’s special niche is to help executives, managers, and supervisors develop skills to reduce resistance to change and conflict.  Using confidential interviews, anonymous surveys, customized training, work and coaching sessions, RI consultants help leaders:

  • Build an atmosphere in which constructive conflict and trust coexist.
  • Generate clear directives for action that lead to accountability and expected business results.
  • Balance collaboration and authority.
  • Connect strategic objectives to ongoing work directives.
  • Facilitate meetings people look forward to attending.

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