Pictures and Graphics

This page is for vendors, associations and corporate clients of Resource International to download pictures and graphics for use in newsletters, pr and promotional pieces related to RI's programs. Pictures are in jpeg and graphics are in gif and jpeg format.

The pictures on this page are thumbnails of the originals which are much larger and better resolution. If you click and hold on the picture or graphic, your browser will download a version to your hard drive. If you have a two button mouse you hold the right button down. If you have any difficulties or questions, please call us at 713/305-5117. Thank you for using this web site to make all of our work easier.

First the Pictures:
Stephen Haslam
Robert Pennington, PhD
Rob & Stephen

Now, Some Graphics:

WorkUp & WorkersDown

Good & Bad Stress

I Think It's Stress

Working Late

Clerical Stress

I Think I Can

Martial Girl

Martial Guys


Relationship Puzzle

Working Together

Yin Yang