Confidential Coaching

For "Your Company's"
Employees with

Robert Pennington and Stephen Haslam,
Partners of Resource International

Resource International has been retained by your company to provide you with a coach to support your professional development.

Your coach will work with you to set performance goals that will enhance your job performance, your relationships with coworkers, your performance feedback ratings, and ultimately your career. We all need help to change old habits and produce new behavior and better results. Taking new steps in either personal or professional growth requires time and support. Your supervisor wants you to have direct access to the best resources to assist you in achieving this goal, both at work and at home.

Remember, this service is confidential. Your coach will work with you so that you can establish regular communication between you and your supervisor to discuss and support your progress.

Additional resources are being made available by Resource International to support you. Your confidential coaching sessions will be greatly enhanced if you would take the time to review the following materials. After completing the survey below, please call Stephen Haslam (713-305-1812) to set up your initial consultation.

First, Complete an Online Coaching Survey.

Your first task is to complete a brief online coaching survey that will assist in clarifying your goals for both you and your coach. In order to support the complete confidentiality in this process, this survey is not housed on your company's intranet, but through Resource International's own web site, which you access through the Internet.  Only your RI coach will view the results of this survey. 


Second, the following resources are provided to support your coaching experience:
Web Based Training Programs
Please click to view three web based training modules on
RI's unique communication tools:
    I. The Martial Art of Communication (20 minutes)
    II. Negotiating Agreements (20 minutes)
    III. Feedback and Constructive Criticism (20 minutes)
Please click to view RI's web based training module on the basic principles relating stress and change. (20 minutes)

Audio Presentations
You can listen online to an entertaining audio recording
(45 minutes) "The Martial Art of Communication"
by RI's Managing Partner, Stephen Haslam, that reviews RI's communication materials.

A review of RI's basic principles about stress and change is contained in an online audio recording (30 minutes) of a live presentation with
Robert Pennington, Ph.D., entitled
"Successfully Managing the Stress of Change."

If you have difficulties with any of these links, please contact Rob Pennington for support while you are still online. (713-305-5117).