Partners in New Character Education Service for Children,
OH! Educational Services,
producers of the MindOH! program transforming the lives of children

Stephen and Rob have joined other very talented professionals to assist students in need whether through their school's discipline process, probation through the courts or through after school programs or leadership development programs.

Here is a sample of a series of video based modules that teach bullies to confront themselves resulting in 80% saying it was their fault and offer to make aments. Life skills modules for use at school or home along with a series of 100+ Internet accessed, character education based lessons introduce students to the models, tools and techniques which Resource International has developed and presented over the last 30 years to corporations, associations, government and educational agencies around the world. Middle School and High School students work through lessons that systematically provide methods for analyzing situations, reflecting on choices and consequences, and learning new skills that result in making better choices.

If you would like more information about these lessons and learn more about how MindOH! programs can be used to benefit the students in your community, especially those 15% of students who have not yet made up their minds as to whether they will be good or bad, then please visit our other website:

Thank you for your help and support for those students at risk.