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New Leader Integration Process

Successful organizations realize that investing in a Retained Executive Search firm does not
ensure success, and that providing support to a new leader is an equally valuable investment.
Even though search firms do not charge for redoing their search when an executive fails,
the disruption and harm to the ongoing functioning and success of the organization can be
a significant loss.

Resource International has extensive experience supporting the successful integration of new
executive leaders. By addressing the following challenges and providing the listed benefits,
RI consultants help ensure your new leader and your organization has the best chance of his
or her quick integration into your culture and success with their new reports.

The following executives, who have experienced RI's support, are happy to talk about the
benefits they experienced in their own integration process.
    Parker Drilling Company
    Gary Rich, Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer
    Jon-Al Duplantier, Sr VP, Chief Administrative Officer & General Counsel
    Philip Agnew, Sr Vice President & Chief Technical Officer
    All can be reached at 281-406-2000

Contact RI and let us explore with you how we can best address the challenges
and benefits listed below with your next new executive leader by calling
713-305-5117 or emailing us.

Challenges New Leaders Often Face
    • Lack of clarity of expectations and agreed upon timelines with supervisor.
    • Difficulty integrating quickly, being unfamiliar with his or her new
    organization's structure, informal networks of information and communication.
    • Insufficent time to successfully acclimatize to new corporate culture.
    • If promoted from without, may not have the credibility as someone from within.
    • Accelerated rate of organizational change may cause uncertainty and lack of
    trust with direct reports, leading to a high failure rate for the new leader.
    • Inefficient assessment and diagnosis of direct report's capabilities,
    accomplishments and needs for development.
Benefits of RI's Approach to New Leader Integration
    • Increased alignment and improved communication between new executive and
    his or her supervisor.
    • Faster diagnosis of team's capabilities, issues and accomplishments resulting
    in increased team member willingness to share accurate feedback and alert new
    leader with critical warning signs.
    • Accelerate the leader's understanding of and implementing of his/her responsibilities.
    • Quicken & enhance new leader's influence with other stakeholders to achieve
    strategic objectives.
    • Facilitate interaction and encourage personal connection to accelerate a
    leader's adaptation to the new environment and culture.
    • Provide confidential coaching and training that catches potential missteps
    based on predictable blind spots sooner and produce greater success based
    on leveraged strengths quicker.
    • Enhance the ROI of the high cost of investing in search and hiring of new leader.
    • Significantly reduce the potential high cost of turnover.